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  • Henan Zhongyuan Roller Co., Ltd established in 1952 by the state-owned enterprise ,through the government of Luohe approved restructuring in June 2004, the registered capital of 15 million yuan.The name of factory before as :”Yancheng County Machinery Factory”,”Henan Zhongyuan roller factory”,”Henan diamond roller co.,ltd”.
  • Henan Zhongyuan Roller Co.,Ltd. is located in Songjiang industrial agglomeration area, Luohe City, east of Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, west of State Road 107,south of new North Luohe City Central,convenient transportation ,the advantage is obvious.
  • Henan Zhongyuan Roller Co., Ltd is main contractor and manufacturer of food processing equipment in the nation,we supply the “turnkey” ‘service of milling equipment project contracting in domestic and foreign,engineering design,equipment manufacturing,engineering, installation and debugging,engineering and technical service output capacity.


Our company has been committed to the development and manufacturer of food processing machinery and flour equipment ,has produced China’s first roller mill, the first successful development of bimetallic composite centrifugal mill rollers,responsible for preparing the industry standards draft of the country’s milling machine and roll. Our company products are up to 11 series which more than 90 varieties, and its main products are wheat flour machine(mill);flour mill(Mill) with a series of roller,rubber mixing machine rolls,mill process roll,rolling oil rolls, noodles rollers,feed roller crushed,peeled rolls and a variety of special type roll; clean grain mill use,milling ,sifting,food conveyor,ventilation and dust removal equipment.


6S management system,Comprehensive testing equipment,Environmental and efficient ,Powerful production line

SEIRI SEITON SEISO SEIKETSU SHITSUKE SECURITY Zhongyuan Roller applies 6S management system in factory. It makes a clean, comfortable, safe work condition for workers.Zhongyuan Roller owns a variety of testing equipment such as tension tester, spectrograph, sclerometer, material analyzer, thickness gauge and infrared thermometer and so on. All these testing equipment ensures that the products will be inspected comprehensively guarantee the quality.The production lines are environmental and energy-saving. They also have a set of circulating and filtering systems, which can be recycled and achieve zero release. Zhongyuan Roller adopts special processing and combination technology. The processing method without removing the material owns low pollution and high efficiency. The technology can no doubt improve the utilization rate of the material.Zhongyuan Roller owns hundreds of professional processing equipment. Accessories processing adopts CNC equipment and appropriative production machine, which has good quality and high efficiency. Sinorok



    The most professional sales managers supply the technical consult, quotation and after sales service for 24 hours.

  • Management Technicians

    Experienced technicians make the precide machines to keep producing the high quality flour.

  • Technical Engineers

    Zhongyuan Roller owns the top technical engineers in flour milling industry.